Parent Coaching

 At PRI+, we understand that the struggles of the child affect the entire family.  Our program is transformative and that is why one of our pillars is parent coaching.   We will help guide you and your family through the changes you will experience.   

Are you exhausted from caring for all your child’s special needs?  Let us help you with tools to feel successful as a parent.  You are not alone.  Life does not have to be so hard.  

We see your unique family, your unique child, your unique situation, and we tailor our program to best support you. 

Are you worried about whether your child will ever fit in?  We empower you and we help your child achieve lasting results.  You will discover a new sense of relief in your child’s ability to problem solve, self-soothe, and celebrate their uniqueness!  

You will meet weekly with our Parent Coach who will put together an individualized plan to help you to see the strengths each member of the family brings to the table.

You will:

  • Gain more skills to add to your parenting toolbox.
  • Take a step back to look at challenges from a different perspective.
  • Work together to better understand why children do what they do, and how to support their growth as they go through the program.

Your family will be empowered to grow to be the best version of yourselves.

Our main areas of focus will be communication, setting and holding boundaries, empowering self-confidence, navigating challenging behaviors, 
and allowing your child to fail.

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