What We Do

PRI+ is here to help.  We offer a drug free, non-invasive, holistic, supportive approach to help your child go from meltdown after meltdown to manageable behaviors.  We will meet with your child twice per week, and with you once per week for parent coaching sessions. 

Our program focuses on four main tenets:

Primitive Reflex Integration

When a child is born, they are equipped with a set of primitive reflexes designed to ensure immediate responses to their new environment and changing needs.  These reflexes are housed in the brainstem.

During the evaluation, we test to see which, if any, primitive reflexes are present. From there, we work with your child to inhibit those reflexes by performing specific physical exercises. The use of cold laser provides quicker and longer lasting results.

The process of inhibiting the reflexes makes them go dormant and will allow the higher learning centers of the brain to function without interference from the brainstem. 

Hemispheric Balance

During the evaluation of your child, we also determine which hemisphere of their brain is stronger and which is weaker. Then we utilize specific movements, activities, and exercises to strengthen the weaker side. The stronger side remains strong, and increasing the activity of the opposite hemisphere allows both sides to communicate better. This balance makes a tremendous difference in your child’s ability to self-regulate, to verbalize their thoughts and feelings, and to feel comfortable in their own skin. 


Our nutritional approach is tailored to your family and your child. The changes that we recommend will vary based on your family’s current habits and trends, as well as your willingness to make the recommended adjustments.  We recommend 2 specific supplements and ask that you complete our Daily Log so that we can see if there is any correlation between food eaten and behavior.

Parent Coaching and Family Support

As your child grows and changes during our program, your parenting habits and family dynamics may need to shift. There will be ups and downs in their behavior and also in their progress during the eight weeks. We fully expect that, and we are here to support you through the entire process. We work with you to provide you with tools, plans, tips, skills, techniques, and recommendations to make your journey successful.