Primitive Reflex Integration Plus
Building Blocks for Brain Development

We help families who have a child with sensory or behavior issues overcome those challenges so they can thrive as they learn and grow.

We are here to receive your child with our full hearts and help them thrive in their own unique ways by creating a customized program and using proven techniques to reset their brain's building blocks.

  • After going through our program, families enjoy:
  • Fewer meltdowns/tantrums
  • Improved self esteem/confidence
  • Better focus/concentration in the classroom
  • Learning is easier/less struggle
  • Better emotional balance and emotional regulation
  • Greater adaptability in all situations and environments
  • Family interactions are less stressful
  • Kids are happier and more successful
  • Your child will grow their confidence and independence every day as their primitive reflexes are integrated and they learn to self-soothe, improve executive functioning, and make better choices.
  • Parents will gain a loving, safe space of hope and reassurance through parent coaching tailored to your family's needs.  Learn tips, tricks, and tools to parent your unique child more confidently and effectively.
  • Life doesn't have to be a struggle for your child or your family!  Your child can be more successful and have more fun.  So can you!

What our clients say about PRI+